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Art. 1
Trade name - Registered office – Acknowledgement
The foundation is formed as "Fondazione InSé – organizzazione non lucrativa di utlità sociale", and is abbreviated as "Fondazione InSé – Onlus" regardless whether written together or apart, and in upper or lower case.
The foundation is incorporated as a "Organizzazione non lucrative di utilità sociale" (non-profit organisation) in line with the legislative decree n. 460 dated December 4, 1997.
The registered office of the foundation is in Rome, Via della Consulta n. 50.
Art. 2
Scope of the Foundation
The scope of the foundation is to exclusively pursue the goal of social solidarity by carrying out initiatives in order to support, encourage and sustain the most disadvantaged members of society: young people in developing countries in order to promote there improved productive integration into society.
To fulfil this scope the foundation offers:
  • to organize and realise cooperation programs in order to promote the development of young women in adverse economic, family-related, or socially excluded conditions especially in developing countries in order to improve their quality of life,  to let them acquire an adequate cultural and educational level, and to equip them with better technical, operational, and managerial competencies 
  • to offer assistance, education, and encouragement for the most disadvantaged members of society in their choices concerning studies, entrepreneurial activities, as well as careers in crafts, both professionally and academically 
  • promote other initiatives linked to the support, the professional education, and personality development of children and adults with physical, psychological and environmental handicaps 
  • initiate and deepen collaboration with other associations and public agencies interested in supporting projects related to the activities mentioned above 
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