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Hub for Kimbondo - "Kinta: agricultural project"
2012 -2018

Kimbondo Pediatric Hospital (Kinta - Democratic Republic of Congo)

Kinta is the name given to the farm and its surrounding farmland of approximately 500 hectares; it was formed thanks to a previous solidarity project and has now been adopted by the "Hub for Kimbondo" project. The project aims to maximise the opportunities offered by this agricultural activity by selecting the crops best-suited to the hydrogeological formation of the land with the help of an agronomist.


  • Opening water points
  • Deforestation
  • Crop management activities (ploughing, milling), with a special focus on cassava but also on fruit trees
  • Completing a cassava processing "area"
  • Planting other types of fruit trees
  • Construction/realization of the farm house
  • Hiring new workers

In addition to the agricultural plan, another specific aim of the current fund-raising campaign is to improve livestock breeding activities, especially of pigs, which are already present in Machuku, and especially developing these activities rather than the farming activities that were performed there previously but were unsuited to the local land conformation.

Considering the nature of the project, which is worth a total of € 250,000.00-300,000.00, the timeframe envisaged for its development is of 6 years, subdivided in 5 steps, each of which is worth €60,000.00.

  • Step one: purchasing the land
  • Step two: surveying the territory and selecting the crops
  • Step three: purchasing farming and sowing equipment
  • Step four: building the farm house adjacent to the land
  • Step five: hiring workers and managing the farming activities 

Creating synergy between the Kinta Farm and the Kimbondo Hospital is another key goal of the fund-raising campaign.
A first step in the process was the purchase of an ambulance thanks to private donations and the contribution by Swiss Re.
The ambulance was an instrument necessary for the wellbeing of the 900 families in Kinta.
Indeed, it assures medical assistance through the regular presence of medical and paramedical personnel in the village, helps in the distribution of medicines and treatments and transports the most serious cases to Kimbondo Hospital.

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